ZERO Shoujo (ゼロ少女) is a four member idol group under avex, consisted of girls who failed past idol auditions, such as Morning Musume or AKB48 auditions. The group was formed Janaury 11, 2015, when their formation was announced on the popular music TV show, "Music Station". 


  • Ishiguro Saya (石黒沙耶)
  • Taniguchi Misaki (谷口岬)
  • Ino Chiyuri (伊野チユリ)
  • Shimazaki Ari (島崎あり)



In late October, Avex began promoting auditions for idols who "failed to get into major groups such as Morning Musume, AKB48, etc". The auditions got tons of recognition, to the point where Music Station's producers made a statement saying that they would be releasing two one-hour special episodes for the winners once they were revealed.

The auditions began privately on November 21, 2014, and went through a 5-round period.


January 3, on Music Stations's official twitter, it was announced that the auditions had finally come to a close, with four winners as a result.

January 11, the group was revealed on Music Station. On their first episode, they performed their debut single, "Watashi Ishi Makenai". On their second and final episode of the special, the group revealed their name "ZERO Shoujo", and performed a medley of songs from idol groups such as Morning Musume, AKB48, SUPER GiRLS, and S/mileage (now ANGERME).

February 17, the group will release "Watashi Ishi Makenai" to the general public.



  1. [2015.02.17] Watashi Ishi Makenai (私意志負けない/ I will not lose)


  • Members and auditions they failed:
    • Ishiguro Saya: Made it to the 3rd round of Morning Musume.'s 9th generation auditions, and lost (2010)
    • Taniguchi Misaki: Auditioned for AKB48 Kenkyuusei's 15h generation, and lost (2013)
    • Ino Chiyuri: Participated in the New Country Musume auditions, and lost during the 3rd round (2014)
    • Shimazaki Ari: Auditioned for Morning Musume.'s 12th generation (Mirai Shoujo), lost during the 3rd round (2013)
  • The group's goal is to beat the groups who had once rejected them.
  • Their first live event for their debut single attracted a crowd of over 5,500. This is one of the largest crowds an idol group has ever been able to reach at a promotion event.
  • Ishiguro was formally under Musical Village.