Watashi no Disaster! (My Disaster!) is the debut single of the QUEEN-HART trainee group,the QUEEN-HART CHICKIES.It was pre-released at the QUEEN-HART Winter Concert 2013 ~Zero no Changes!~ concerts,and oficially released March 7,2013.


First CDEdit

  1. Watashi no Disaster!
  2. Fast Way!!
  3. Watashi no Disaster! (instrumental)

Second CDEdit

  1. Watashi no Disaster!
  2. Oh,Dear my Chikyuu
  3. Watashi no Disaster! (instrumental)

Music Video DVDEdit

  1. Watashi no Disaster! (MV)
  2. Watashi no Disaster! ("Jungle" ver.)
  3. Watashi no Disaster! (Dance Shot ver.)
  4. Watashi no Disaster! (Close up ver.)
  5. Fast Way!! (MV)

Members FeaturedEdit

  • Second Generation: Maiko Meimi,Maeko Maori,Wakatsuki Yasuko
  • Third Generation: Yamaoka Ume & Tenshin Maya
  • Fourth Generation: Iseul Hyun,Tokuda Akemi,Matsuki Aimi,Ichijo Ooka,Yoshihara Kiyo & Umeki Izanami
  • Fifth Generation: Yamabe Erika,Akahashi Yone,Yokomoto Kuuro & Iwakita Bunko
  • Sixth Generation: Tsumiko Miyu


  • Most of the lines are sung in unsion,while others have members split into duos and trios.
  • The single reached #5 on the Oricon Charts,with 25,008 copies sold.
  • Yamada said he made the single to give attention to the QUEEN-HART CHICKIES.