Team Aidoru (チームアイドル) is a unit originally formed with nine girls (four vocal, five dancers) from the Kansai region. They are under KNG KAT agency.

Team Aidoru's best selling single is Jiyu ni Naru! with 768,703 copies sold and their lowest selling single is Otome Amai with 20,135 copies sold.



Dancers / Back UpEdit



In 2010, Team Aidoru was formed. Originally four girls were chosen for the group, but producer, AICHO, on the spot, added the five other failed finalist as back up dancers / back-up vocals.


Team Aidoru debut with Otome Amai in February. The single sold 10,234 in its first week and 20,135 in total.


Team Aidoru had a collaboration concert with AKB48, however only the vocals participated in it.


Back up dancer, Oshima Takeru was promoted to vocalist. KING KAT trainees, Yoshino Nao and Oura Suzuran were added to the back-up dancers.



  1. [2011.02.14] Otome Amai
  2. [2011.08.23] SIXTEEN
  3. [2012.01.06] Ii Ne!!
  4. [2012.07.18] Osaka VIVBE!!!
  5. [2012.12.01] HEART RUSH
  6. [2013.01.15] Jiyu ni Naru!
  7. [2013.04.20] Sotsugyo TOSS!!!
  8. [2013.09.10] WE ARE Team Aidoru~
  9. [2014.02.14] Anniversary OSAKA GIRLS!!
  10. [2014.07.18] SUMMER BASH / Osaka Natsu
  11. [2014.10.28] BAD BOY / Hadaka no Truth


  1. [2011.12.10] OSAKA DEBUT
  2. [2013.10.31] SPOOK
  3. [2014.09.11] Merry go Round

Mini AlbumsEdit

  1. [2012.12.15] Ichi, Ni, San, Team Aidoru!

Best AlbumsEdit

  1. [2013.12.10] Osaka BEST~

Cover AlbumsEdit

  1. [2014.05.27] Team Aidoru Covers

T.V ShowsEdit

  1. [2010-2011] WELCOMING PARTY
  2. [2012-] OSAKA GIRLS

Raido ShowsEdit

  1. [2012-] OSAKA GIRLS RADIO


  • People complain that the back up dancers are treated unfairly, AICHO replied with this "If the back up girls found it unfair, they would have quit ages ago."
  • Their official nickname is Osaka Girls.
  • The unit is based in Osaka, Japan.
  • They have their own theater in the Osaka Complex.
  • They were the youngest act to perform in the Super Saitama Arena.
  • They ranked #2 in the breakout idols of 2011.