THE ✩ YOUNGSTERS is a six member idol group based on the Saitama prefecture. The group was formed in 2012, and made their major debut in 2014.

Their official group color is Purple.


Current MembersEdit

  • Horie Mizuki (堀江水木; RedLeader
  • Takemura Chinatsu (竹村千夏;  Silver)
  • Kanazawa Anri (金沢杏里;  Hot Pink)
  • Kazuo Chizuru (一夫ちずる;  Yellow)
  • Kusumoto Hirata (楠本平田;  Blue)
  • Ito Masaki (伊藤正樹;  Lime Green)

Former MembersEdit

  • Abe Hoshino (阿部星野; Purple) Graduated May 6, 2013
  • Fuse Maki (伏せ巻) Left before Debut
  • Kabata Riho (椛田里穂) Left before Debut





  • The group's major debut was supposed in to be in October 2013, but it was postponed for unknown reasons.
  • The group does extreme exercising before every dance practice/lesson.
  • Ito Masaki is the only member who did not join at the group's formation. However, she did not originally audition for the group. She was offered a spot in the group, being Abe Hoshino's cousin. 
  • Fuse and Kabata were suddenly transferred to a different group just before their debut (DOKIDOKI Method), thus leaving the group.
  • Kanazawa Anri is Juice=Juice member Kanazawa Tomoko's younger sister.