Super PALOOZA (スーパPALOOZA) is a brand new Japanese music TV show (starting in 2015), based on performers all over Japan performing their music and doing comedic skits between them, also managing to interact with their fans. The show became popular due to it's prime time TV slot, unique concept, and because it is easier for younger fans to come and sit in the audience.

TV HostsEdit

  • Hayami Haruo (速水治夫) 
  • Momotan (ももたん)
  • Shirube Mayumi (導 真弓) -In charge of comedy
  • AKILA -In charge of comedy

About StarPALOOZAEdit


  • Channel: TV Asahi
  • Airing time: 16:00 to 17:00 JST on Saturdays
  • Airing Location: Shinjuku BLAZE

About the showEdit

The show centers around two things: music and comedy. Each week, 3 to 4 groups (6 on two hour specials), are given the challenge of performing a different comedy skit while performing a song. The audience has to determine whether it is funny or not, and if it isn't funny, they will have to stop mid-performance and sit down for the remainder of the show.

Notable guestsEdit