Smile Pretty Productions (プリティプロダクションスマイル; Sumairu Puriti Productions, also known as SPP) is a Japanese agency producing female models,female actresses,and female idols. Smile Pretty Productions made their debut in 2008, with the group Goggles x Love,which was originally a modeling and acting group,only to make a debut as idols. The current groups under Smile Pretty Productions are: Goggles x Love,N Zero (formerly AKBN0),Side-Team,and UzAGI.The current captain of Smile Pretty Productions is the actress Makimoto Haruko.

Acts Under Smile Pretty ProductionsEdit

Current ActsEdit


  1. Akita Karen (秋田カレン)
  2. Sugiura Ritsuko (杉浦律子)
  3. Sugiura Ritsuki (杉浦寄りつき)
  4. Ogawa Manabi (小川まなび)
  5. Ariana Johnson (アリアナ·ジョンソン)


  1. Makimoto Haruko (牧本晴子; Current SSP Captain)
  2. Atsushi Mari (敦麻里)
  3. Tanaka Remi (田中レミ)
  4. Amaya (アマヤ)
  5. Doma~n (土間〜N)
  6. Takahashi Akira (高橋晃)
  7. Emily (エミリー)

Idol Groups/SoloistsEdit

  1. Goggles x Love (2008-present)
  2. Kitahara Sumi (2009-present)
  3. N Zero (formerly AKBN0) (2010-present)
  4. Side-Team (2010-present)
  5. UzAGI (2012-present)

Former Idol GroupsEdit

  1. Hana XD (2008-2012)
  2. Remi to Amaya (2008-2013)


  • In Side-Team and N Zero,they give the members stage names.
  • N Zero is the only non-fanon group included in Smile Pretty Productions.
  • Sugiura Ritsuko and Sugiura Ritsuki are twins.
  • Ariana Johnson and Emily are cousins.
  • Kitahara Sumi is currently the only soloist under the idol section of Smile Pretty Productions.
  • The Actress group and Model group has no former members.
  • Ariana Johnson originally auditioned for UzAGI,but was added to the acting group instead because: She is a good actress,but lacks the idol image.
  • Tanaka Remi and Amaya were originally idols,but after the disbandment of their group Remi to Amaya,they decided to become actress under Smile Pretty Productions.
  • Shiki is the producer of Smile Pretty Productions.However,he does not write the group's lyrics.