Side-Team (側チーム) is a Japanese girl group consisting of girls who failed previous idol group auditions,such as,Hello!Project auditions,AKB48 auditions,QUEEN-HART auditions,etc.It is the sister group of N Zero.


Side-Team was originally formed September 7,2010,under the Smile Pretty Productions (also known as SPP).The manager,Shiki,stated that the group's aim was for the girls "to make a comeback" after previously failing popular idol group auditions.Seven members were originally chosen to form the group.

Side-Team's "challenge" as a group were to sell their prized idol possesions (which would be later replaced),and the 3 girls who sold the most would be able to be the lead singers in Side-Team's debut single.The members who won the challenge were: Ashida Hiroko,Ekiguchi Mika & Kasamatsu Megumi.

November 7,Side-Team's debut single,Running Start! was released,and hit #5 on the Oricon Charts.The total single sales were 34,284 copies sold.

November 12,Side-Team's second generation auditions began,and ended November 26,2010.Two girls were chosen: Former Hello!Pro Kenshuusei member Kasahara Nori and Sai Shuu-K second generation auditionee, Maita Sora.

June 12,2011,third generation member Kudo Ryoko withdrew after being a member for only six months,making it the group's first withdrawl.

August 18,2012,the members recieved stage names.


Current MembersEdit

First Generation (2010.09.07)Edit

  1. Captain Twilight (Ashida Hiroko)
  2. Sparkles (Kasamatsu Megumi)
  3. Bubbles (Kitagawa Rena)

Second Generation (2010.11.26)Edit

  1. Tamago 
  2. Blue

Third Generation (2010.12.28)Edit

  1. Sukichan (Sugihara Ami)

Fourth Generation (2011.08.19)Edit

  1. Eclipse (Tsubi Yumi)
  2. Diamond (Sugai Ria)
  3. May (Maetani Motono)

Fifth Generation (2013.08.02)Edit

  1. Sunshine (Akimoto Maria)
  2. Osakachan (Matano Sakiko)

Former MembersEdit

First GenerationEdit

  1. Ekiguchi Mika - Graduated July 14,2012
  2. Takashi Yori - Graduated July 14,2012
  3. Chunky (Utagawa Umeko) - Fired April 11,2013

Third GenerationEdit

  1. Kudo Ryoko - Withdrew June 12,2011



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  5. [2011.10.01] Suiren Pad (Lily Pad)
  6. [2011.12.08] Arrow to Bow (Arrow and Bow)
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  11. [2013.08.12] Suki Suki Suki ~Watashi wa Kyou Torudo Joke!~ (I Love You I Love You I Love You ~The Joke I told today~)


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  • All their singles reach the Top 10 on the Oricon Charts.
  • They often have joint concerts with N Zero.
  • Side-Team has their own concert hall located at the Studio Coast.It is upstairs,and has a capacity of 4,000 seats.