QUEEN-HART CHICKIES (女王ハートChickies;Queen Haato Chickies) is the trainee group of QUEEN-HART.It was first formed in 2007,and it trains girls to become idols,by working with them on singing and dancing,and developing their personalities each and every step of the way.Every two years,from a vote,members are chosen to form a new group.


June 18,2007,after auditions for a new trainee group,12 girls were chosen to form the QUEEN-HART CHICKIES.They had their own perfomances every four months at the Shibuya O-East,under the title "CHICKIES HATCH".

August 14,2010,on the last day of the QUEEN-HART Summer 2010 tour,it was revealed that first generation member,Inoue Rana,would be debuting as a soloist.August 14,2010 was Inoue's last day as a chickie.

June 11,2012,at the QUEEN-HART Summer 2012 Event ~Odoroki Sugoi!!~,six members of the chickies were chosen to form the idol group SHORT★STOP.It was the first official QUEEN-HART main group to be made up of chickies.

July 13,2013,on the first day of the QUEEN-HART Summer Concert Tour 2013 ~Independent Onna no Natsu! concert,seven members of the chickies were chosen to form the idol group Jas.MINE.If their debut single sells over 40k,they will stay as a major debut group,but if not,they will return to the chickies under an indies debut until they are ready for a major debut.


Current MembersEdit

Second Generation (2008.04.12)Edit

  • Maeko Mori (メイコウ森)

Third Generation (2008.08.19)Edit

  • Yamaoka Ume (山岡梅)

Fourth Generation (2009.02.18)Edit

  • Iseul Hyun (이슬 현)
  • Matsuki Ami (松木亜美)
  • Ichijo Ooka (一條大岡)
  • Umeki Izanami (梅木イザナミ)

Fifth Generation (2010.05.17)Edit

  • Akahashi Yone (別名箸ヨネ)
  • Yokomoto Kuuro (洋子モノ黒)
  • Iwakita Bunko (岩北文庫所蔵)

Seventh Generation (2013.07.13)

  • Akimoto Sara (秋元サラ)
  • Kitahara Ami (北原亜美)

Former MembersEdit

Debuted MembersEdit

First Generation (2007.06.18)Edit

  • Funaki Kazuko (船木和子) - Debuted in Sai Shuu-K January 18,2009
  • Inoue Rana (井上ラナ) - Debuted as a soloist August 14,2010
  • SHORT★STOP - Debuted as a group June 11,2012
    • Komagata Hikari (駒形ひかり)
    • Noguchi Amaya (野口アマヤ
    • Otani Mariko (大谷真理子)
    • Ryusaki Ryo (龍咲亮)
    • Tsumaya Kimiko (津マヤ貴美子)
    • Sugihara Sakiko (杉原咲子)
  • Miyoshi Yuko (三好裕子) - Debuted in King Cherry April 11,2012

Second Generation (2008.04.12)Edit

  • Maiko Meimi (舞妓芽実) - Debuted in Jas.MINE July 13,2013
  • Wakatsuka Yasuko (若槻泰子)  Debuted in Jas.MINE July 13,2013