Polish Court! (ポリッシュコート!) is a six member teen idol group, produced by avex. The group was formed February 17, 2014. 


  1. Kikuchi Yukako (菊池ゆか子) Leader
  2. Hinarako Reimi (日ならこ麗美)
  3. Sawako Harumi (佐和子晴海)
  4. Fujie Erina (藤江襟な)
  5. Yukata Miri (浴衣ミリ)
  6. Asaku Asami (浅く麻美)



In September, Kikuchi was signed to avex as a solo artist, and had released three singles and one mini album. 

In November, Kikuchi had announced plans of forming her own idol group, taking in two iDOL Street trainees (Sawako and Yukata) as members of the group. They participated as backdancers in her third single's music video, "Wanna Love You" (released January 24, 2014) and her album track's music video, "Watashi no Ryosoku". Meanwhile, auditions were held to find additional members.


February 16, it was announced that the line up was finalized, and the official group's line up was released the following day. They were introduced at a University Idol festival, in which Kikuchi was taking part in as a guest performer.

April 4, Polish Court! released their debut single, "Yume no Naka de". It reached #11 on the Oricon Charts, selling 15,048 copies.

July 17, Polish Court! releasted their second single, "SAVIOR - Save me from Darkness-". The single caught a lot of attention due it's unique, dramatic music video, and dynamic dance moves, and ended up #2 on the Oricon Charts, selling 74,294 copies total.

In August, Polish Court! performed at the Tokyo Idol Festival.

October 18, it was announced that selected Polish Court! members would be in a stageplay feautring selected S/mileage members. It is titled "WE ARE ALIVE", and will run from November 22 to December 2.

November 7, in a blogpost, Kikuchi confirmed that the members are working on their debut album. It will be released sometime in January, according to Kikuchi.



  1. [2014.04.04] Yume no Naka de (夢の中で)
  2. [2014.07.17] SAVIOR - Save me from Darkness -
  3. [2014.12.03] DANCE DANCE DANCE CRAZE


  1. [2015.01.XX] TBA


Concert DVDsEdit

  1. [2014.06.09] Polish Court Debut Tour ~POLISHED IDOL STAGE ONE~
  2. [2014.10.19] Polish Court Fall Tour ~POLISHED IDOL STAGE TWO~


  1. [2014.08.09] The Polish Court Girls -Vol. 1-


  • Although Sawako is the lead singer of the group, Kikuchi is the ace of the group.
  • Yukata participated in Morning Musume.'s 11th generation auditions, but only made it to the 3rd round.
  • The group wants to be known for their complex dances, unique songs and unique personalities.
  • They look up to Momoiro Clover Z collectively as a group.
  • Their goal in early 2014 was to hold a concert at Yokohama Arena. They succeeded their goal on September 19, when they held a special one man live at the venue.