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Payo~SA (パよ~SA) is a new Hello!Project group formed on January 1st 2014. It contains 7 members from existing Hello!Project main groups. They are to release their first single in late January along with several versions and they are to be announced as Payo~SA.


  1. 嗣永桃子 (Tsugunaga Momoko; Pink) (Leader)
  2. 須藤茉麻 (Maasa Sudo; Green) (Sub-Leader)
  3. 飯窪春奈 (Iikubo Haruna; Blue)
  4. 譜久村聖 (Fukumura Mizuki; Red)
  5. 宮崎由加 (Miyazaki Yuka; Purple)
  6. 萩原舞 (Hagiwara Mai; Yellow)
  7. 勝田里奈 (Katsuta Rina; Orange)


It was announced on December 30th, that a new main group was to be created including 2 Morning Musume'14 members, 2 Berryz Kobo members, 1 C-ute member, 1 S/mileage member, and 1 Juice=Juice member. They would do a quick press conference on the 1st to figure out the name of the group, official colors, and the title of their first indies single. The eldest, being Momoko Tsugunaga, she was decided to be the leader, and Maasa Sudo, being the second eldest, she was decided sub leader. The youngest member in the group is Rina Katsuta and the second youngest is Mai Hagiwara.


Indies SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.01.23] 甘い記憶 (Amai kioku;Sweet Memory)
  2. TBA