Otome Rosettes (乙女ロゼット) is a local idol group from the Aomori Prefecture . The group is currently under Hagipro Entertainment, and was formed in 2012. There are currently 5 members of the group, originally starting out with 7.



  • Wakana Chiara (若菜 チアラ)
  • Hisagawa Mai (非佐川 枚)
  • Kaneko Anri (金子 アンリ)
  • Fukunaga Rinne (福永輪廻)
  • Tasaki Nao (田崎 なお)


  • Nagawa Miho (長和美浦) -Former Leader, graduated February 24, 2013
  • Kogata Asari (小型あさり) -Graduated February 24, 2013




  1. [2012.09.07] Shinjiru - In The Future- (信じる -In The Future-)
  2. [2012.12.18] Subete no Anata ni Tsuite (すべてのあなたについて)
  3. [2013.02.15] Tabidachi no Winter (旅立ちの冬)
  4. [2013.07.24] You're My Destiny.
  5. [2013.12.19] Yell! Yell! Yell!
  6. [2014.06.07] Uwasa no Koibito BOY (噂の恋人BOY)


  1. [2014.08.09] Style Guy -Jas.MINE ft. Otome Rosettes


Mini AlbumsEdit

  1. [2014.12.06] 1 Keiken (1経験)



  1. [2013.01-Present] Pyua! Pyua! Otome Rosettes (ピュア! ピュア!乙女ロゼット)

Radio showsEdit

  1. [2012.08.09-2014.02.21] PURE ROSETTE
  2. [2014.11.XX] We are ROSETTES


  • The group was formed on March 11, 2012.
  • Otome Rosettes has their own hall at the Merry-Go-Round (in Shinjuku), where they perform at every Sunday.
  • Instead of having "Handshake events" or "High five events" like most Japanese idol groups do, the group has "Pinky Events", where they cross pinkies with a fan and have a 40 second to one minute chat with them.
  • After Nagawa Miho left the group, there was never an official leader announced. However, it is often noticed that Wakana takes on leader responsibilities on her own.
  • When asked about future careers, the members answered: Wakana - DJ, Hisagawa - Actress or nurse, Kaneko - Choreographer, Fukunaga - Stand up comic, Tasaki - Soloist
  • Kogata was originally the ace and the lead singer of the group, but after she graduated, Tasaki took over her position and most of her solo lines.