Maita Sora (米田そら) was born August 5,2000. Maita is a current second generation member of Side-Team.Prior to joing Side-Team,Maita participated in QUEEN-HARTS group King Cherry's second generation auditions.



In February,Maita participated in King Cherry's second generation auditions.Maita made it to the final round,but unfortunately had to drop out to the family issues.

November 12,it was revealed that Maita was participating in Side-Team's second generation auditions.November 26,it was revealed that Maita was one of the two winners of the second generation auditions.


August 18,the members of Side-Team recieved nicknames.Maita's nickname was chosen to be Blue (青色の).Maita stated that it was a refrence to her name, Sora (which translates to Sky),and her favorite color is Blue.


  • Name: Maita Sora (米田そら)
  • Side-Team Stage Name:  Blue (青色の)
  • Nicknames: Ta-san (TAさん), Sosochan (曹操ちゃん)
  • Birthdate: August 5,2000 (age 13)
  • Birthplace: Hokkaido,Japan
  • Bloodtype: AB
  • Smile Pretty Productions
    • 2010-11-26: Member
    • 2010-11-26: Side-Team Member
  • Hobbies: Karaoke,Studying
  • Worst Nightmare: Never meeting Kasahara Nori
  • Best Day of her life: November 26,2010 (Debuting in Side-Team)
  • Favorite Songs: Fuwafuwa Pink! (Side-Team),Aitai Aitai Aitai na (C-ute),My Life My Future! (King Cherry)
  • Looks Up To: Kitagawa Rena
  • Groups Featured In:


Singles Featured InEdit


  1. Yasashii Rock (Debut)
  2. Fuwafuwa Pink!
  3. Anata no Me o Toji
  4. Suiren Pad
  5. Arrow to Bow
  6. The Tokyo Spot!
  7. Anata na Watashi ni Itta Uei
  8. Ryori Chou
  9. Son Henjin!
  10. Suki Suki Suki ~Watashi wa Kyou Torudo Joke!~


  • Maita stated that her best friend within Side-Team is her fellow generation mate,Kasahara Nori.
  • Kitagawa Rena is the "perfect idol" in Maita's eyes.
  • Maita is the 4th most popular Side-Team member.
  • Maita wants to get side bangs one day.
  • She states that her parents are really strict and are always making sure that the outfits for Side-Team's singles are too "inappropriate" for her. She also said that her father often reads through 2ch to see if there are any perverted comments towards her.
  • Maita opened a twitter account in 2012,but closed it on January 3,2013. January 10,2013,she made a joint twitter account with Kasahara Nori.
  • Shiki said that Maita had a hard time singing Ryori Chou.
  • After she graduates from Side-Team,Maita wants to become a fashion designer.
  • She considers all the members of N Zero her rivals.
  • Maita currently collects Akaike Amy and Tanaka Remi goods.
  • Maita wants to have a fit body.