Magic♥Realm (マジック♥レルム; Pronounced Majikku Rerumu) is a teen J-Pop idol group under FWD Inc. The group was formed August 12, 2012, coming out with many indies releases since then. In 2015, their goal is to make a major debut (Hopefully, by the summer, according to Leader Onoda).

The group currently has five members, and is known for having an consistent line-up, not having a single member graduation since the formation of the group.


  • Onoda Mirai (小野田未来; Light Pink) Leader
  • Fukunatsu Marie (副夏マリエ; Orange)
  • Denya Hana (出にゃ花; Green)
  • Hayashi Ramu (林ラム; Red)
  • Hanamoto Airi (花本愛梨; Light Blue)




  • [2013.01.04] Kiss of the Sky!
  • [2014.06.08] Tanri Shinzou (単離心臓)
  • [2015.02.03] MAGIC OF THE REALM



  • [2012.11.08] Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai, Gomen nasai / Magical Realm (ごめんなさいごめんなさい ごめんなさい / マジカルレルム)
  • [2013.04.05] Da la Da la Da la / Anata no Igen (ダ·ラ·ダ·ラ·ダ / あなたの威厳)
  • [2013.07.18] Dengen (電源)
  • [2013.12.03] Hanzai Aishi (犯罪愛し)
  • [2013.12.30] Watashi no Magic Toshi (私のマジカル年)
  • [2014.04.07] Jankennopyonpyon! (じゃんけんのぴょんぴょん)
  • [2014.11.05] Kibishi Hashigo / One More Touch (厳しい梯子 / ワンモアタッチ)
  • [2015.01.12] Yoooou My Love (よおおおう My ぉ多多ヴェ)


  • Magic♥Realm's temporary name was "Mimaharai" (美馬払い). This name was used while the members and management went to find an official name for the group.
  • Their highest selling indies single is Dengen, selling 21,003 copies and managing to rank #5 on the Orican Daily Charts.
  • Since she was going to be the ace of the group, management considered making Hayashi the leader of the group, but decided to go by age instead, so Onoda was chosen as the leader.
  • The group's goal is to perform on one of the big year-end music shows.
  • Onoda and Denya are former students of EXPG, a talent school founded by the group EXILE.
  • Fukunatsu Marie is of English decent.