jas.MINE (ジャスミン;often romanized as JASMINE or Jas.Mine) is the fourth main QUEEN-HART group,consisting of seven former members of the QUEEN-HART CHICKIES. jas.MINE was first revealed as a group at the QUEEN-HART Summer Concert Tour 2013 ~Independent Onna no Natsu!~ concert on July 13,2013.

Yamada,QUEEN-HART's producer,stated that jas.MINE's image is "young and sexy".


Current MembersEdit

  1. Maiko Meimi (舞妓芽実; Red) Leader
  2. Yoshihara Kiyo (吉原キヨ; Lime)
  3. Yamabe Erika (山辺エリカ; Blue)
  4. Tokuda Akemi (徳田明美; Lavender)
  5. Wakatsuki Yasuko (若槻泰子; Yellow)
  6. Tsumiko Miyu (津巫女みゆ; Purple)
  7. Tenshin Maya (天心マヤ; Green)



  1. [2013.09.08] Yuukei Tsuchi / Confidentiel
  2. [2014.01.13] Aa, Anata no Ai (Aa 、アナタの愛)
  3. [2014.07.09] Nagaiai Yukue Fumei no SMILE (長い間行方不明のSMILE)
  4. [2014.11.21] Saigou ni Koi no Ochiru / Idol Sensou (最後に恋に落ちる/アイドル戦争 )


  1. [2014.08.09] Style Guy -jas.MINE ft Otome Rosettes


  • The members were chosen by a vote (the same way the SHORT★STOP line up was chosen).
  • jas.MINE is currently the baby sister group of QUEEN-HART.
  • Tokuda is the lead singer and ace of the group. However, Maiko and Wakatsuki are known for getting a good amount of solo lines and attention.
  • Yamada stated that he thought the group should release as an indies group, so the sales of their debut single would determine of that.If it sales over 40k, they will stay as a major debut group.If not, jas.MINE will make a indies debut. Jas.Mine achieved their goal,with their debut single selling 79,920 copies total.