Ganbaretto (ガンバレット) is a teen J-Pop idol group. The group were featured on season three of the show "Next TOP Idol", where they had went against thousands of girls, and ended up winning, thus getting the name "Next TOP Idol". The group made their major debut May 14, 2014, two months after being on the show. The group originally consisted of four members, but now consists of five members, with the addition of Ami.

Members Edit

  • Mira (見ら)
  • Ai (愛)
  • Kiraki (キラキ)
  • Sora (そら)
  • Ami (亜美) -Joined October 14, 2014



  • [2014.12.29] Can You Smile?



  • [2014.02.20] Sora no Kanashimi (空の悲しみ; Sky's Sorrow) -As a apart of Next TOP Idol


  • [2014.05.14] Ganbaretto! Jidou! (ガンバレット!自動!; Ganbaretto! Automatic!)
  • [2014.07.08] Ooryoku Free! - Watashi no Riron - (応力フリー! - 私の理論 -; Stress Free! - My Theory-)
  • [2014.10.02] Watashitachi no Saigo (私たちの最後; The Last of Us)
  • [2015.01.12] Saisei (再生; Playback)


  • The group's name is based on their handshake during Next TOP Idol, where each girl would say "Ganbare!" and then say "Hai!" altogether.
  • During the auditions, Kiraki had suffered a leg injury, which caused her to sit down during most rounds. She was reported "fully cured" on March 7, two days before the final episode.
  • Kiraki's real name is "Kiki (木々)". However, she prefers to be called Kiraki.
  • Ami is the only member who wasn't born in Hokkaido. Ami is from Kanagawa, which is where Next TOP Idol takes place.
  • The group's best selling single is Ooryoku Free! -Watashi no Riron-, with a total of 101,094 copies sold.