Crystal Love (クリスタルラブ) Is a major group containing Japanese Idols from all over Japan. They will debut in April with their first single. There are 12 members and range from Japanese Groups such as Hello!Project, AKB48, Kalafina, Perfume, Momorio Clover Z, Tokyo Girls' Style, PASSPO, and others.

After only being in the group for a short time, they disbanded due to members being busy.

History (2013)Edit

Producer Kanza⚥, decided that she wanted to broaden her choices by making a group out of famous Idols. She thought that if she chose popular girls, the group would become famous like Seishun Musume. They shall debut in April with their first single, "Kawaii Girls wa saikō no shitte iru" Which is due to release on April 15th, 2013. They will also have Generations, for when an Idol wants to continue work on their original group, or quit the music buisness all together.

Current MembersEdit

Generation OneEdit

  1. Airi Suzuki-Hello!Project (鈴木愛理; Light Pink)
  2. Rina Izuta-AKB48 (伊豆田 莉奈; Spring Green)
  3. Miyabi Natsuyaki-Hello!Project (夏焼雅; Purple)
  4. Keiko Kubota-Kalafina (窪田啓子; Light Blue)
  5. Kiriko Takemura-Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (竹村 桐子; Fuchsia)
  6. Kanako Momota-Momoiro Clover Z (百田 夏菜子; Crimson)
  7. Riho Sayashi-Morning Musume (鞘師里保; Yellow)
  8. Ayumi Ishida-Morning Musume (石田 亜佑美; Dark Blue)
  9. Natsumi Iwamura-PASSPO (なつみ岩村; Lawn Green)
  10. Ayaka Nishiwaki-Perfume (西脇 綾香; Green)
  11. Kanon Fukuda-S/mileage(福田花音; Orange)
  12. Yuri Nakae-Tokyo Girls Style (中江 友梨 Dark Slate Blue)



  • [2013.04.15] Kawaii Girls wa saikō no shitte iru
  • [2013.07.23] E ~e~tsu!