Capture Your Heart! (キャプチャーごハート!) is a local Nagoya idol group. The group was formed on April 20, 2014, and have released five indies single and one mini album since then.


  • Sandy (サンディ; Light GreenLeader
  • Misapon (ミサポン; Blue)
  • Chisako (ちさ子; Hot PinkVisual Center
  • Yupinpin (湯ピンピン; Violet)
  • Aikocchin (愛子っち; RedAce
  • Azuzu (アズズ; Emerald)



Indies SinglesEdit

  1. [2014.05.26] I'll Capture Your Heart!
  2. [2014.07.08] Romantic Melody
  3. [2014.08.29] Watashi wa Ashita Anata ni Suki ni Naru (私は明日あなたに好きになる)
  4. [2014.09.26] 1-800-DISCONNECTION
  5. [2014.10.27] Watashi wa Konya CRY yo, Watashi wa Ashita SMILE yo (私は今夜クライよ、私は明日スマイルよ)
  6. [2014.12.16] Ishi no Heart 


Mini AlbumsEdit

  1. [2014.11.03] 1 Capture the Track! (1トラックをキャプチャ!) -Indies


Internet ShowsEdit

  • [2014.05.03-present] Heart Fever (ハートフィーバー)

Radio ShowsEdit

  • [2014.10.27-present] KyouKyapu (今日キャ)


  • The members birth names are: Kitahara Sandy, Ogawa Chissa, Muto Yukari, Hisagawa Aiko, Satoda Azura.
  • Capture Your Heart! is the younger sister group of You'll Melt More!.
  • Sandy was born in Sacramento, California, but moved to Japan with her mother and three brothers when she was eleven.
  • Aikocchin was a student at Actor's School Hiroshima, a well known perfomance (mainly dance) school. Perfume and Morning Musume. '14's Sayashi Riho are noteable former students of the school.
  • Watashi wa Ashita Anata ni Suki ni Naru is Capture Your Heart!'s highest ranking and best selling single, ranking #1 on the Oricon Daily Indies Single Charts and selling a total of 14,394 copies.
  • They have concerts every Tuesday at the NAGOGO livehouse.